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A suicide note and the cup from which they consumed the poison was recovered from the site.

ASP Manoj Rai said the two women have been identified as Rachna Choudhary of Dhar and Tanvi of Barwani, both in their early twenties.

(Quran -31) These verses of Quran are known as the verses of hijab and it is the consensus of Islamic scholars that they make the wearing of hijab mandatory.

Some countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar do enforce a dress code.

Many have cultural connotations such as the Pakistani shalwar khamis or the Afghani burqa, but whenever a Muslim woman covers “her adornment”, she is said to be wearing hijab.

Hijab frees women from being thought of as sexual objects of desire or from being valued for their looks, or body shape rather then their minds and intellect.

No longer slaves to consumerism, hijab liberates women from the need to conform to unrealistic stereotypes and images dictated by the media.

While those who seek to ban hijab refer to it as a symbol of gender based repression, the women who choose to don a scarf, or to wear hijab, in the broadest sense of the word, do so by making personal decisions and independent choices. Nor do these women regard hijab as a sign of oppression.

Women who wear hijab often describe themselves as being “set free” from society’s unrealistic fashion culture.

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